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1.1 About Print-on-Demand

Print-on-Demand technology is a high tech, yet easy to use revolution in printing, which enables the customer to make changes and additions to their printed materials, and view a PDF proof immediately. No waiting for the art to be changed by a designer, and no waiting for a proof means you get your products faster. This is perfect for recurring items such as business cards and materials that get location specific information added to them. (e.g... bank branch specific materials, realtor postcards with specific houses and agents, etc)

With your own Koke Storefont, you can change the photos, text and mailing information (with an uploaded list) on your template, and approve the art for printing. Once you submit your order, it goes into production immediately. Furthermore, you do not need to keep stock of pre-printed materials to have imprinted. Just request more to be printed and they are printed digitally -- as many or as few as you need.

If you do not already have a Koke Storefront, please call us at 800-935-4600 so that we may discuss how to begin. If you already have a store with us, but would like to add more products, (such as the ability to upload a mailing list) give us a call or email us. .

1.2 About Fulfillment through the Koke Storefront

Do you have items that you have to store in a warehouse that you send to your customers or clients? Common items are company branded clothing, (e.g.. shirts, hats, etc) as well as pre-printed brochures or even product samples. Koke can not only store those pieces, but we can package them for you and send them out as either single pieces, or in "kits" of multiple items. We can send out two, or 200 of them as you request. The Koke Storefront makes letting us know what and when you need it shipped a breeze, with the same Koke Storefront you are already using to order your print-on-demand and/or variable data printing items. Just select fulfillment items, add all of them to be sent out together to your shopping cart, and check out. If you're interested in how this could work for you, contact your sales representative at 800-935-4600, or email us. . We can set up a custom solution for you.

1.3 About variable data printing

Variable data printing, or VDP for short, is a type of printing in which documents are created from a combination of variable text & images that are referenced in a database file that you upload. It is a very cost effective way to target market to specific market segments and micro segments, because you only print the versions you need for each person on that list. (It's also called One-to-One Marketing.)

Example: For instance, if Joe purchased an economy car and Sarah purchased a luxury sedan, each of them will have different automotive needs. For VDP printing, the dealer may supply a spreadsheet that has Joe and Sarah's address, but also includes information about the offering that they would want Joe to receive, (10% off a 50,000 mile tune-up for his 1991 Honda) and info about the offering for Sarah (a premium security system installation coupon for her 2007 Lexus.) The user would simply upload the file, proof the mailer with the information in it, and they would be ready to print different versions within the same print run for the different types of people that are being marketed to. This cuts down on hit and miss marketing, and changes direct mail response from a traditional 1% response rate, to a 11% to 15% response rate, because the information or offer that your audience receives is relevant to them.

1.4 How to get a username and password

If your company is already using the Koke Storefront, please contact your marketing staff to ask them about access. If your company does not yet have a Koke Storefront or would like to inquire about a custom storefront, please contact Koke Printing at 800-935-4600 and speak your sales representative.

1.5 Adding other products and fulfillment items to this web site

If your company would like to add more products to be customized, create variable data printing campaigns, or add non-printed fullfillment items to this site, (such as company uniforms, premium items, or other warehoused items) please contact your sales rep or CSR at 800-935-4600, or email us. .

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