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3.1 Customizing/Versioning catalog items

Click onto the "Catalog" tab. Then, click onto the yellow folder to access your items. You will see your items listed down the page. Just click into the name of the item or the picture to open it.

You will enter a page with your item at the right, and a form at the left to customize it. Here are some steps to follow: (Shown here is an example using a travel agency marketing postcard.)

1.Enter the text into the appropriate fields at the left. (You may copy text from another document and paste text into the boxes, if you prefer. - See 3.6 for text requirements.)

2.If this item allows for photo uploads, please upload your photos now. (See 3.3 for specific details on how to upload photos)

3.2 How to proof using the Preview window

3. Click one of the "REFRESH PREVIEW " buttons, located at the right above and below the picture of your item. A preview of the front side of your item will appear in the preview window.

3.3 How to proof using the PDF proofing tool

4. After previewing your item, to view the back side of your item (if applicable) you will need to click the VIEW PDF button. (To read more about the PDF proof, see 4.2.)

5. Change the art is needed and re-view either a PDF or just the Preview window.

6. When you're done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Approve and Add to Cart" button. NOTE: THIS IS YOUR PROOF. PLEASE REVIEW IT CAREFULLY. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY OTHER TYPE OF PROOF.



3.4 How to get Adobe Acrobat (to view PDFs)

Most likely, you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You'll need acrobat reader to view the PDF File. It's FREE and easy to download. You can download Acrobat Reader by clicking here.

3.5 Saving form information for future use using the Quick Fill tool

Just type it once and save it, and never have to type it again. You can save the contents of your forms, including images and text, using the Quick Fill tool. Follow these steps.

1.Fill in the form, including adding any images and text.

2.Under the last form field, there will be a blue box that reads "Save Form for Quick Fill." Give your Quick Fill a name. Note: You will be able to save multiple Quick Fill forms, so give it a name that will remind you of what's in the form.

3.Click the Save button. Now the form is saved within your account. Any time you log in, you can easily recall this form. (See 3.6 for how to recall a form.)

3.6 Recalling saved forms using the Quick Fill tool

Say you come back to order new business cards. Let's say they have mostly the same information with just a few changes. The Quick Fill tool will help you make this order quickly by filling in the fields for you, but you may change it to make your new, unique order. Here's how to recall that form fill after you've saved it. (See 3.5 for how to save it.)

4. First, search for your saved Quick Fills using the "Search" button. (The Quick Fill tool is the blue box over top of the form.)

5. A drop down menu will appear under the search button. Select the Quick Fill of your choice from the menu.

6.Then click the "Fill Form" button. The form will fill in automatically.

7. Change the text as needed, then click the "Refresh Preview" button to proof your text within the art piece.

Making changes to a Quick fill

If you change the text within the form fields, it will not change the content of your saved text unless you save the form again with the same name. To make changes to an existing quickfill you must:
A) Change the form fields as needed.
B) Go to the bottom of the form. In the Quick fill box, type in the exact name of the Quick fill you wish to overwrite.
C) Click the "Save" button.



3.7 Photo requirements and error messages

You may have the ability to upload high resolution photos instead of or in addition to choosing a stock image from a menu. There are some basic requirements for uploading photos within the Koke Storefront. Some helpful starter hints are...

  • The resolution requirements for your item will be located right in the upload window
  • If you try to upload a photo that is not high enough quality to be reproduced in print, the Koke Storefront will tell you so and not let you upload it. The message will read "The size of the image is too small to provide an acceptable resolution."
  • You can crop a photo if it is too large to fit into the appropriate window.
  • If the image is the wrong file type, the Koke Storefront will not let you upload it. The message will read "Wrong extension" or "File format not supported."

3.8 How to upload a photo

1.UPLOAD BUTTON - Click the "Upload" button on the form. (Note: If there is no upload button, you may only choose from the available images within the drop down menu.) A dialog box will pop up with an upload tool in it.

2. SELECT IMAGE & OPEN - Select an image from your computer using the "Browse..." button. Choose the image and click the "Open" button.

3.PROGRESS BAR - Then click the "Upload" button to start the upload process. A separate window will show a blue progress bar. If the image isn't the right format or is too small, the tool will tell you this now. Note: Be sure this is the correct image before uploading, as it may take a few minutes to process. If the image is too small or not the correct format, the system will not complete the upload.

3.9 How to crop a photo

4.CROP - If the upload was successful, your image will appear in a new window. There will be a box around the image that indicates where the default crop is. The part of the image that is inside of the crop area is in color, and the part of the image that is outside the crop is in grey. To change where it will be cropped, click, and hold down the mouse button, then drag the corners of the box to resize the crop of the image. (Note: This crop area is specific to what will fit within your template. It may not fit your photograph exactly.)

5.APPLY - When you have the window framed as you desire, click the "Apply" button. You will be shown the image as it is cropped again. Click "Apply" again to approve it.

6.PREVIEW - You can now preview your uploaded image within the template. (For instructions on proofing, see 3.3.)

7. IMAGE LOCATION AND DELETE - When there is an uploaded image in the form, the photo name will appear in red under the photo field. If you wish to delete the photo, click the garbage can to the left of the image name.






3.10 About text

A great feature in the Koke Storefront is the system's ability to size text to fit all on one line, to wrap to another line below the first line, or no adjustment to the text to make it fit or wrap. During the custom set-up of your template(s) by Koke Printing, you would have been asked which option you would like to have.

About required fields: If there is a red asterisk or if the text is in red (Example: Street address*) next to the field, then that field is required. If there isn't an asterisk, then you don't have to fill that field in. If the fields are not required, then your template has been designed to allow for a lack of information and still good.

If text is set to auto-fit: When either typing text into the text field or pasting text in from another document, you will notice that depending on the number of words, your font will appear smaller or larger. The text will get smaller so that it can fit more into the area it is trying to fill. Conversely, it will get larger when there is less text to fill the space. There will be limits to the large and small text sizes, however. When you try to paste or type in text that is too large even for the smallest font size, the system will default to a very large typeface and cut off your text. The very large text is meant to be a "red flag" for you to see that the text is not fitting. The only remedy for this is to reduce the number of words in your text.

If text is set to wrap: When placing your text into the field, the text will wrap to as many lines as you specified when creating the template. If there is still overflow text, the Storefront will try to resize the text.

If the text has no adjustment: The text will fill the space if it fits, and if there is more text, it will be cut off.

Editable pre-filled forms: When setting up your template, you may have arranged to have the form already filled-in with common information such as your address or telephone number(s). If this information appears within text boxes, then it is editable. You may change it for that item only. (If you want a permanent change to that information, please contact your CSR.)

Non-editable pre-filled areas: Some information, such as your company name or possibly your address, may appear on the card, but not be editable by you. It may or may not appear on the form. You will not be able to change it on the form. (Please contact your CSR if you would like to change this information.)

3.11 Administrators special features

Depending on how your account was set up, the administrator may be able to approve orders placed by other personell placing orders for materials, approve the art for the order, and put orders on hold. Please contact your customer service representative if you would like to know more about this feature.

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