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7.1 Confirming your order before final submission

After you enter your shipping information (see 4.0) and billing information (see 5.0), a confirmation screen for your order will be displayed prior to the order. At this time, it is best to review your order information (You have already approved your proof(s). You will not see a proof for your order again. For how to review your proof, please read 3.2.)

We suggest that you check...


Shipping and Billing addresses for this order, as well as shipping instructions and the quantity.


If every looks in order, click "Finish Order." Your order will now be placed.*

*If there is something wrong with the order information, please (if available) click the "[Change]" link next to it, or click the "Back to Billing" button at the bottom to back through the shopping cart steps and correct it.


7.2 About submitting your order

Here are some points to remember regarding your order after submitting it.

  • You will not receive a paper proof of your order. The only proof you will recieve is the PDF proof you viewed prior to adding the item to your cart. (If you must receive a paper proof, please contact your CSR to discuss options.)
  • Once you submit your order, you will not be able to make changes to it. Please check your order over throughly prior to submitting it. We will print it exactly as we receive it.
  • This system does not yet have a built-in spell-checker. Please spell check your text before using it. We would suggest that you first type it into Word and check it there, then copy it and paste it into your form.
  • Turnaround times are discussed at the time of your store creation, and vary from storefront to storefront. Some customers choose to have orders batch-processed for optimal cost effectiveness, while others want their orders right away. Because you are creating the artwork and there are no paper proofs, we can turn your order around rapidly.

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