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8.1 How to recall an old order

Via the Order Manager, a user can retrieve an old order and either just reorder, or change the text and/or images in the old order and then reorder. Here's how to recall an old order for exact reprint...

1.You can start anywhere by clicking the "Order Manager" tab, located in the main navigation.

2.In the "Search For" box, choose a date range from when you first ordered. Click the "Search" button.

3.The results will appear below the "Search for" box, and will show you all completed orders from that time period. These will be complete orders, including who ordered them. THIS WILL NOT BE THE INDIVIDUAL ITEM. Find the order date of your order and click the magnifying glass (mag glass) to view that order.

4A.4. A. The next screen will show you all of the items in the order you chose. You may view a specific item by clicking the magnifying glass next to that item (mag glass).
4B.4 B. You may also preview the PDF of this item here.

8.2 How to request reprint of an old order

If you would like to re-order this item, check the box next to that item and click onto the "Reorder Selected" button. The item will now be added to your shopping cart.

order manager

order manager

8.2 How to make changes to an old order that is being reprinted

See 8.1 for how to recall your old order. You must recall and add your old order to your shopping cart (see 8.1) before you can edit it. Once you do that, you can make changes from the shopping cart. Just click the name of the item to get back to the form. Preview and save the item. See 4.1 "Editing items in your shopping cart" for detailed steps.

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